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Our production site and the new vehicle area guarantee a round-the-clock production and delivery service, with quality and freshness as our top priority. Our mission: producing excellence and exclusiveness, dedicating ourselves to quality and the right price! Just like any serious company, we pay meticulous attention to being in line with the existing food laws.

The delivery process of any one of our ingredients is overseen by those in charge of the quality control, and completed only after their analysis of the legally imposed specifications. All of our suppliers are therefore in absolute compliance with said specifications.

The company finds itself, without any doubt thanks to the high qualitative standard that we aim at, in the lucky position of being able to give precedence to demand rather than offer, resulting, we may proudly say, in a fine range of clients. The board of Piuma D'Oro is continuously working out plans to expand and improve the product line.

Federico, first son of the Pizzocheri couple who founded the company, occupies himself with administrative work, communication and pr, and company development.

It is Fulvio who organizes and oversees the production process, which has been completely modernized using the newest computer-controlled and fully automatic facilities.

From the very start-up, the entrepreneurship of the Pizzoccheri family has been marked by an unchanging and complete respect for quality, genuine products and transparency of service and production system.

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Benvenuto sul sito di Piuma d'oro, azienda dedita alla produzione di biscotti, dolci di carnevale, chiacchere forno e fritte decorate e chiacchiere al cioccolato, crostoli, gale, galani, bugie dolce.
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