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An old tale evolving into tradition

The company Piuma d'Oro was started in 1964, thanks to the straightforward and convincing entrepreneurship of Fausto Pizzoccheri. Born in Borghetto Lodigiano in 1940 to a family of bread bakers, Fausto took his place in a long line of generations that had passed down not only skills, but also commitment and passion for the Arte Bianca, the 'white art', and its products.

His career begins as an employee in a bakery that supplies various local bakers' shops. Here, he soon learns to recognize the key ingredient for a guaranteed and continuous collaboration between company manager, the company's employees and its clients: building up a relation of confidence, trust and good communication between all parties.

In 1961, aged 21, Fausto organizes his own commercial project within the family-run shop in Spino d'Adda: the production and selling of fresh tortellini and gnocchi pasta. 1964 sees the start-up of a small company named 'Piuma d'oro', thanks to the modest funds acquired through the previous activities, in one of the main streets in the city centre of Treviglio. In order to reach a maximum economic efficiency, various tools and the company's name are preserved and reused; the latter will prove to be a perfect image for future production.

The philosophy of Piuma d'oro will always express itself in the development of the company's recipes from tradition; tastes and flavours are continuously brought to the level of fragrance and quality that will secure the company's success and fame.

" There are men who stand out through the realisation of concrete acts, men to whom 'work' means the optimal way of expressing their vigour, the modernity of their ideas, the practical side of life, and the joy of bringing about initiatives. Pizzoccheri belongs to this category of undertakers.

He is part of a team of inexpensive, hard-working employees. All of them are prepared to make sacrifices and commit seriously, and thus, step by step, a vast amount of trusting customers is built up. Exactly this stimulates Pizzoccheri to keep looking for ways of improvement and to strive towards the effective satisfaction of any new request possible."
The products of Piuma d'Oro prove to be very successful, causing the company to invest in development and the acquiring of new and ever more modern facilities. The unchanging quality and tradition of the company's recipes is safeguarded by the constant attention of Fausto Pizzoccheri, who puts into effect detailed modifications to the new facilities used in the production process, facilities which are part of the company's capital and which guarantee the distinctive qualities of the Piuma d'oro products.

The company has confirmed their leadership within the branch through the production of 'Chiacchiere', a sweet crisp pastry which is found in several regional varieties throughout Italy. As market leader for this speciality on both the Italian and the international market, Piuma'd'oro has achieved a quality level that permits the company to give precedence to demand rather than offer, resulting, we may proudly say, in a fine range of clients.

The board of Piuma D'Oro is continuously working out plans to expand and improve the product line. Federico, first son of the Pizzocheri couple who founded the company, occupies himself with administrative work, communication and pr, and company development. It is Fulvio who organizes and oversees the production process, which has been completely modernized using the newest computer-controlled and fully automatic facilities.

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